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It's a fragile time for those looking
to try hemp oil. Interest is high, at a time when product-testing isn't regulated. That's why we test our CBD so heavily, using it makes you an expert in quality.

From Seed to Sale 

Think about the reasons you trust your family? You know exactly who they are, and what to expect from them. More importantly, you believe them because they’ve been there your whole life, and you know where they come from.

When we say seed-to-sale about our CBD products, we view PurelyCBD products the same way you see family. We control the source, extracting, testing, manufacturing, shipping, inventory, all the way to the point of sale. Knowing where and how your product is sourced may be the most critical factor to consider when picking a CBD product. That’s why we aren’t shy about the quality full-spectrum extract we provide. Make sure to ask what makes us different on your next visit.

The Endo-Cannabinoid

Don't feel rushed

Your journey into health & wellness through the use of hemp-derived CBD is different for everyone. When you’re new, wondering “is it gonna work for me too?”, There is a lot of nervous excitement. We get it! Nobody’s ever come out of the womb with a Ph.D. in CBD, so you’ll never feel rushed in our store.

Our team members are specifically instructed not to “sell,” but to educate. We're very aware that the front-end of your path to enlightenment requires care and attention. Once you figure out what dosage and products work best for you, the back-end of your journey becomes a breeze.

All journeys have two parts: a beginning and an ending. Start yours today, feel better tomorrow.

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